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CoPilot - developing your own skills? How much can you do with S4HC?

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It isn't too clear to me from the online documentation how much bespoke development you can do within CoPilot in S/4HANA Cloud vs. On Prem.

I know that we will need an additional subscription to do anything here - but are there restrictions once you get this subscription as to what you can develop in Cloud vs. On Prem - or does this open up the same scope irrespective of the S/4 code line that you are using?

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Accepted Solutions (1)

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Product and Topic Expert
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Hi ccsmith

The Feature scope description, what's new with 1811, Limitations and restrictions etc. remain pretty much the same for SAP Co-Pilot S4HANA and S4HANA Cloud. However, there are differences against each other on how the Security Guidelines are set up for SAP Co-Pilot in Cloud versus On-Premise (for its obvious reasons- screenshot attached) but from an end user point of view Out of the Box Skills for SAP S/4HANA cloud and SAP S/4HANA remains pretty much similar.

You can compare and confirm all of these(and many more) by yourself in our help portal for SAP Co-Pilot:

The following link shows what you can do with SAP Co-pilot:

The following link shows what's new with SAP Co-Pilot:

It is learned that all of these features, what' new with SAP Co-Pilot etc. does not differentiate between the Deployment options(OP or Cloud) meaning it's applicable to both.

I hope this helps you find answers to many of our open questions, if it does please mark this answer.

Thank you!

Amith Nair

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