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Convert planned order to production order - Step By Step process

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I'm an MM/SD consultant without experience in PP...

I've created a job to run V_V2 and check the material availability every 10min but now I need to test it. I've an SO without stock and for that reason, I need to simulate all the PP process so I can have stock again, and V_V2 can work as supposed. I've tried to convert the planned order into production order, and then when I try to release the order, it shows me a log that there are some missing parts in availability check, although in mmbe I can see the availability in unrestricted use for the missing parts.

How can I complete this process so I can have the stock I need?



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You need to make the parts available. Their availability is checked with ATP logic, which is exactly the same as in SD sales orders. MMBE shows current stock levels but not stock availability. Stock availability can be checked in CO09.

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Product and Topic Expert

Hello Ana

MMBE is not the right transaction to evaluate the availability check results. You might have stock, but it might have been already committed to another order, or it might not be relevant to availability check because of the settings defined in the scope of check.

This old blog explains that CO09 is a better transaction to evaluate the availability check results:

In order to release the order, you will have to make sure that you have enough available stock (according to CO09), or you need to change the availability check settings.