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Confirmation control vs. Delivery Date in Purchase Order - Best Practices?

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Hello, I am struggling with setting up a good process regarding confirmation control tolerances and delivery date Change. What are best practices here?

If I set a high tolerance for date Deviation in the confirmation control key , then I can enter a different date in the confirmations tab and if the confirmation date is relevant for MRP then this is fine. If I enter the confirmation manually I am fine with this. But what if I receive IDOCs - then the confirmed date can be totally different from my requested delivery date and nobody will notice because the IDOC will not run on error. On the other Hand, if I restrict the tolerance then I have to adapt the delivery date in schedule line tab to be able to enter the date in confirmations tab (manually or via IDOC). But then I have a PO-Change, a new Output is triggered and a new date is printed on the PO-form which I don't want to communicate to my vendor. I only want to communicate date changes to the vendor if we really want a new delivery date and not based on the vendor's confirmation...

Thank you in advance...

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