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Confirmation CO11N generate Re-work Order CO01

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Does anyone knows how to generate a Re-Work Production Order when performing Confirmation using CO11N?

What is the necessary configuration and process to achieve this.

Thanks in advance.

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Dear Jamison,

Configuration Settings For Rework order

1) just copy std re-work order type & give new name as u required in OPJH

2) in OPL8, copy existing rework order type & give ur re-work order type & plant & save

Master data for rework order

1) CA11 - Creating reference operation set

1) after Executing CA11, just enter without giving data in initial screen

2) usage - 1, status - 4. from lot -1, then click on operations

3) then give work center & description

4) Double click on Description, then give timings for setup, machine & labor & save

Rework order Creation

1) Normally rework order is created by t-code CO07

2) while doing confirmation of header material in CO11N or CO15, we give re-work quantity

3) then create re-work order in CO07

4) in CO07, give plant then order type (rework order type) then enter

5) material description, quantity to be reworked then date enter

6) system will ask u reference operation set (it should be created before only in CA11)

7) then give the reference operation set Number then system will take u to settlement Rule

😎 here for CAT give as ord, then in settlement receiver give ur header order number then percentage as 100 %

9) then click on component overview icon, then give ur BOM components (which to re-worked & assign an operation to it)

10) then save the order

11) then do the confirmation to re-work order

12) then do GR to header order & settlement will take place to header order only not to re-work order

Note : For rework order, GR will not take place



Answers (3)

Answers (3)

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In SAP rework is done by different ways

1. Automatic triggering of rework order when we enter rework qty in confirmation screen.

Please check the pre requiste of vanchnala rajasekar post

2. If rework has to be done immediately after entering in to rework qty in the confirmation screen before proceeding next operation, by done by control key with rework option and enter the time in operational detail and operation quantity.

Prerequisite: create a control key with rework and add next operation in Production order

3. Create a reference operation set and create a rework order with rework order type and settle the rework order into main production order.

If the order quantity is 100, and have 5 oprn, in the second operation rework happened means confirm the operation with partial confirmation with entering yield and rework quantity, and create a rework order, in the rework order confirm the quantity with Final operation. Again in main production order, in the 2 nd operation confirm the rework quantity with out entering any activity in the confirmation with final confirmation.



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Follow the steps

First check in T code OPJF for the selection id a

Priority is defined for the Task list type S

with usage 1 and status 4 and then Proceed as


1. Create a Reference op set in t code Ca11.

Enter the plant, Description , usage and status

for the ref op set

Enter lot size and unit of measure.

Enter the op as 0010 / work center/op control

key/Description for the op

Enter the standard values and save.

2. Create a Standard trigger point in CO31.(Ex


Enter the Trigger Point usage /Group as FERT.

3.Tick the Trigger Point Functions.

4. Enable the indicator create order with Reference .

5.Enter the system status as PCNF.

6. Enter change as +.

7. Enable the indicator once.

8 . Now place the cursor on the create order with reference.

9. Go to Parameters.

10. In the Parameter enter in the group the created Reference op set group no.

11. Order type as PP01 and group counter as 1 and save the Trigger Point.

12. Now goto the Routing for your Material.

13. Choose the last op to assign the Trigger point.

14 .Select the OP -


Goto ---> Trigger Point overview.

15. Enter the Trigger Point usage as FERT.

16.Now choose that line ,select the Details---> Trigger Point

17. The system will says standard trigger point exists from which you can

select the created Trigger Point (EXx Production)and save.

18. MD02/MD04.

19. Convert the Planned Order into Production Order and Release the order.

20 .Now confirm th ops.

21. For the last op enter the yield and rework qty

and set the status as PCNF.

22. If the status of last op is PCNF then in the

system a POP UP will appear as Activited by

Trigger Point /Create order with reference/order

number/sequence and op number which trigger point

works and enter.

Trigger Points


A trigger point is an object that can be assigned to an operation in order to trigger a function.

Trigger points can trigger functions,

u2022 If the status of an operation changes (example)

u2022 When an operation is confirmed. In this case the user decides whether the function is triggered (example)

You can also trigger a function by linking a user status to a u2018reason for varianceu2019 (example).


At present, the following functions can be triggered:

u2022 Releasing directly succeeding operations

You can release all operations which come directly after the operation

u2022 Releasing operations up to stop indicator

You can release all operations up to and including the next operation with a release stop indicator.

u2022 Releasing preceding operations

You can release all operations which come before the operation in the order

u2022 Creating a new order by copying

You can create a new order. The order is created without reference to material using a reference operation set.

u2022 Including a reference operation set

You can include a reference operation set in the existing order. In this case you need to specify the operation after which the operation set is to be inserted. A production order is always rescheduled after a reference operation set has been included via a trigger point.

u2022 Triggering a workflow task

You can trigger a task defined as a workflow (Trigger Points).

To minimize the effort involved in creating trigger points, you can create standard trigger points and trigger point groups.

Standard Trigger Points

You can create standard trigger points in the routing or in the production order. A standard trigger point is used as a reference for creating trigger points. If you refer to a standard trigger point when creating a trigger point, the system transfers all necessary data from the standard trigger point into the new trigger point. As a result, the effort required for entering data is reduced.

To create standard trigger points, choose Logistics ® Production ® Master data ® Std. trigger point ® Create

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Dear Jordon,

Check these links,


S Mangalraj