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Condition Update at Invoice Level

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I want to pick condition type at invoice level from condition record. At the time of sales order creation, condition record was not created or condition type it self not available in the pricing procedure, now we want to pull this condition from condition record with out updating the pricing, because if we update the price it will update all condition that we don't want. Please advice how fetch we condition type at invoice level.


Danish Alam

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Say, Doc pricing procedure for Sales Doc is S and for Billing doc is B.

and maintain 2 pricing procedure, 1 for Sales doc and other for your billing doc which will be similar to pricing procedure for sales other than the C type you desire to be at invoice level.

Now the critical part... add the C type in Billing pricing procedure in such way that it will not disturb ur pricing cal, say, place it at the end of the price procedure w/o FROM TO field (eg. 1000 0 ZRRR-Bill new) and rest field accordinging to ur requirment.

Correspondingly, check your copying controls.

Importantly, determination of pricing procedure, maintain the similar determination other that doc pricing procedure, say,

0001 01 01 S 1 ZSALES1Sales PP

0001 01 01 B 1 ZBILL001 Billing PP

Hope this will assist you for your requirement.

Thanks & Regards


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Hi Danish;

Considering your special case we can solve it in followi ng ways;

1) Generally tax conditions are redetermined in billing document so if you want to determine newly defined condition type we can mark it accordingly during condition type configuration for determination.

2) Yo can define new rederminaton rule with the help of ABAPer.

So decide the best possible solution.



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You have several option to update the price :

A Copy price components and redetermine scales

B Carry out new pricing

C Copy manual pricing elements and redetermine the others

G Copy pricing elements unchanged and redetermine taxes

H Redetermine freight conditions

I Redetermine rebate conditions

J Redetermine confirmed purch. net price / value (KNTYP=d)

K Adopt price components and cose. Redetermine taxes.

M Copy pricing elements, turn value

N Transfer pricing components unchanged, new cost

O Redetermine variant conditions (KNTYP=O)

U Redetermine precious metal conditions (KNTYP=U)

X Customer reserve X

Y Customer reserve Y

Z Customer reserve Z

1 Customer reserve 1

2 Customer reserve 2

3 Customer reserve 3

4 Customer reserve 4

5 Customer reserve 5

6 Customer reserve 6

7 Customer reserve 7

8 Customer reserve 8

9 Customer reserve 9

S Ship & Debit (IBU HiTec)

Please let me know wht is the condition category for ur condition type:


KRishna O

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One possible way is to use a condition type with a category (KNTYP) that will be re-determined based on the copy control and the pricing type that you set. See note 24832 for more details.

Let me know if that would work


Rohit Zalani

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If the problem is resolved , kindly close the thread as it will help others also.


Krishna O