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Condition Record

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Hi Gurus

I have created a condition using VK11 -> pr00 -> Customer/material price and have given the customer, material, amount and the scales info.

I would like to delete this condition, can anyone help me with the step by step procedure please.

Thank You

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Answers (4)

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You can't delete anything in SAP. You can mark for deletion. If you delete then it will have the side effect. It might have been referenced some where and it will result in error.



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Hi Pavan,

There are two possible procedures for deleting conditions. There is either immediate deletion or a deletion flag for archiving at a later date. You enter the type of deletion that should be proposed during condition maintenance into Customizing for a condition type, . When deleting immediately, a dialog box can be created which indicates immediate deletion but offers a deletion flag as an alternative.

<b>Deletion Flag</b>

You can mark condition records for deletion. These are then no longer taken into consideration during automatic pricing. However they remain as condition records in the system until the next archiving update. This means you can reset a deletion and reactivate a condition record.

<b>Physical Deletion</b>

If you use physical deletion, the condition record disappears immediately. It is no longer available during condition record maintenance or pricing. This deletion cannot be reset once it has been carried out. You have to recreate the condition record if you need it again. To be more exact, the reference to the condition record for pricing and condition record maintenance is deleted completely with physical deletion. The actual condition record must be kept for old documents.


SAP recommends the physical deletion procedure. The deletion flag improves upwards compatibility in the system.

A pricing error can occur when using hierarchical accesses in combination with the deletion indicator (See the hierarchical access documentation in the SAP library).

The deletion flag used to be used as a replacement for a missing release procedure. This is no longer necessary, as there is now a separate release procedure available (see the release procedure in the SAP library).

Physical deletion can be included using the change documents – for example deletions in a specific period (Report RV16ACHD).

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Thanks & Regards

Sadhu Kishore

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Goto transaction code VK12. Enter your selection criteria, execute. NOw select your line/lines. At the bottom of screen you will see a small buttion (delete a line). Click on that and system will mark those selected records for delection and will not be picked next time when you create an order. Or alternatively as Rajesh has mentioned you can change the validity periods in the past and so those records will not be picked again.

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You can go in the change mode: VK12 & restrict the period to the previous days date. You cannot delete condition record, but inly mar it for deletion, but the better option will be reretrict the validity period.


Rajesh Banka

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