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Component Config of HAP_PMP_NAVIGATION_FLEX - no effect on PM application

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Hi folks

I hope you are doing well today.

I have been tasked with changing the text on the Team Goals application. We are using a ROLE_ID parameter of MS in order to display the Subordinate Organizational Units with Goals option. The text in question is listed in the VW_NAVIGATION_ACCORD view as Subordinate Organizational Units with Goals. My client wants to change this text to Team goals set by your reports.

The WD component HAP_PMP_NAVIGATION_FLEX has a Configuration Component with the same name. Running the Editor for the Web Dynpro ABAP Component Configuration, I find the text we want to change under Web Dynpro Built-In -> VW_NAVIGATION_ACCORD -> TRAY_MY_SUBORDINATE_GOALS -> CAPTION_MY_SUBORDINATE_GOALS. I get to change this text successfully, but this doesn't update on the application.

I had a look at the portal iView details. It has the following parameters in the application:

Application Name: HAP_A_PMP_GOALS

Application Parameters: ROLE_ID=MS

Configuration name: HAP_AC_PMP_GOALS

Looking at this application, there is no specific reference to the HAP_PMP_NAVIGATION_FLEX component or anywhere I can pass the configuration name of HAP_PMP_NAVIGATION_FLEX.

I also went into the configuration for HAP_A_PMP_MAIN (HAP_AC_PMP_MAIN). I entered the Component configuration for component FPM_OIF_COMPONENT Configuration ID HAP_OIF_PMP_MAIN. I could not see any reference to the called HAP_PMP_NAVIGATION_FLEX.

Has anyone dealt with changing the text on this part of the application?

Kind Regards

Gustav Coleske

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Hi all

Texts are in the OTR repository. Updating the text from there enabled us to get what we need.