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Commodity Code not changeable in PO

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As we already know in S4, the comm. code is by default not changeable in Purchase Order lines (SAP 2936305 ) but in many business cases, the comm. code needs to be adjusted in our PO's since some materials are either

* wrongly classified
* are used widely and their classification has been updated but the PO is not yet fully completed and subsequent deliveries should occur first.

Because users can not change the PO item lines comm. code, the Intrastat reporting will be automatically be filled with incorrect comm. codes, and the users running Intrastat will not be able to detect these lines, and thus incorrect intrastat reporting is taking place.

General question : Is there a way to make the PO Item Comm. code field changeable again or to overwrite it when needed ?

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Commodity code has been associated in material master, in po it's fetches from mm Master.

But as you have already generated POs then, you can't change it.

Better if possible, you can new material code with proper classification and commodity code. You can short close the existing PO for your reporting.

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