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combine multiple deliveries in one invoice

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How to combine multiple deliveries in one invoice where all delivery number will show and total value should be the accumulative value of all the deliveries.



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Answers (3)

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To combine multiple Deliveries into one invoice, your Deliveries shpuld have same


Payment Term

Billing date


Destination Country.

In VF04, you can process multiple Deliveries at a time.

In standard SAP, System automatically combines those Deliveries into one Billing doc which have same Payer, Payment Term, Billing Date, Incoterm & Destination Country.

In Copy Control (VTFL) at Item level, in the VBRK/VBRP field, Routine 001 or 007 must have been assigned for Collective Invoice.

Those Deliveries which are not meeting the above criterias will not be combined. There will be Invoice split. You can also see the Split Analysis.



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If your sales order has:

the same payer

same billing type

same terms of payments

same billing date

same inco terms

You will have one billing document for your outboud delivery documents..

Actually you will have all items from delivery documents aggregated and shows the total value.

If you want to show the billing document shwoing each delivery document number, its items quantities and their values and then have a total, use help of your abaper .



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This should happen as a matter of course.

Your system will have copy control requirements which will determine when deliveries should NOT be combined into a single invoice.

For instance, if the underlying sales orders have different customer purchase orders, you should probably not be combining into a single billing document.

If you have the situation where two or more billing docs are being created, start off by investigating the split analysis to determine why your system is not combining them, and take it from there.