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Colorado PFML on TEMSE file in PU19

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We implemented the 2023 Phase I note that has the creation of the Colorado "FAMLI" on it. It is updating all employees with this field with a zero amount even if they are not in Colorado. Was this the intended design? We outsource our W2 printing by taking the TEMSE file and creating an extract file to Equifax. I had the program changed to look for "FAMLI" in the position on the TEMSE and if there, put it on the EE extract file record. Since ALL employees have this "FAMLI" on the TEMSE file, all our employees are getting this printed on their W2's. Found this during testing in our QA system. If this was the intended results, I will have to update our extract program to look for "FAMLI" and AMOUNT > 0. Just wanting to clarify if the intention was for ALL employees to have "FAMLI" on the TEMSE file.?

Example of Washington EE having the FAMLI on the TEMSE file:

610 005 COPL Text 000 FAMLI

615 012 COPL Amount 000 000000000000

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