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COGS and production cost center expenses in trial balance

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I have the following issue.

We determine actual costs via material ledger, materials are Set up with Standard price.

We use activity types to assess primary cost from production cost center to process Orders and settle the orders at month end after actual tariffs have been determined. All production cost centers are fully allocated, total balance shows 0.

I have difficulties to read trial balance properly. We use specific functional area to determine production cost center. When i want to see full amount of manufacturing costs do i have to add production cost centers on top of that? Im asking since in TB it still holds value because primary cost elements still shown in Trial Balance.

Thank you, please let me know if you need further Info!

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Answers (1)

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Hi Thomas,

If you only wish to see production costs, you should filter production order assigned postings. For this you can use ACDOCA-ACCASTY = OR. If you remove cost element for settlements, normally you can find it in Tcode OBYC-> GGB->AUA, you can track all your production costs.

Hope this helps.