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COGP and COGS matchings in SAP B1

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We are doing a new implementation of SAP b1 at one of our client. Our client using Tally data as their base to check and verify the postings at SAP B1. We have matched all the ledgers using TB and posted entries wherever required.

Now we have balances at Cost of Goods Purchased account and Cost of Goods Sold account.

To which account these values should be knocked off. 

If it should not be knocked off and value should remain in these accounts, what explanation should i provide to the client. 

With values on these accounts, how to complete month end process.

Along with these accounts, we have two more expenditure accounts used for inventory revaluation and Goods issue. There also values are there. How to knock of them.

As i am not good at accounts part, I am in need of your help.


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