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CO-PC: inconsistencies in cost component structure OKTZ/TCKH3

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Hi Gurus,

my customer needed to add a new Cost Component (AA) in the Cost component structure, in OKTZ.

When we launch ck11n, for new cost component AA the cost is OK, but in one of the other cost components (BB), there is a debit/credit of value calculated for the new ccomponent AA (of course, the cost component BB should be zero).

The problem is that in table TKCH3, in PRD, both cost components have the same value for EL_HV.

I read on some posts that it is necessary to delete the new cost component (AA) - directly in PRD - and then to re-create it.

Could this activity bring inconsistencies at database?

My customer already released cost calculation for this month, but he wants to fix the situation for next one.

Could you please help me?

Thank you and best regards


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Answers (2)

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Before the start of the new period, you change Cost Components in the Cost component
structure and 
cost all materials using the new structure and mark all theseprices.

As soon as you open the new period using t-code MMPV, you release the new standard cost for the changed Cost Component structure.

When you execute  the order settlement for prior period closing, you will meet the error because of inconsistencies of the cost component.

You can solve the problem using the program MLCCS_KO88_TREATMENT(note : 632752).

You will not meet the inconsistencies problem from new period.

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thank you for you response.

This inconsistency could affect also MATERIAL LEDGER?

The program MLCCS_KO88_TREATMENT could solve problem on material ledger?

If I weel understood, procedure is:

1) during this month, delete and re-create the new cost cost component in cost component structure

2) during this month, launch program MLCCS_KO88_TREATMENT

3) then cost all materials

4) next month: release standard cost

Thank you again, best regards


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Hello Sabrina,

Yes EL_HV ( Full Cost) value should be different in table TCKH3 for different Cost Component . Preferably if you are adding you should delete and re create it as you understood.

otherwise it will be inconsistency as you are experiencing now. Lets wait for Expert views from others