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Close open purchase requisitions

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Dear All,

We have a scenario like this:

We have created a purchase requisition of 100 quantity and converted it to purchase order of say 90 qty only.

Now 10 qty is still open in PR.

I want to close this PR.

There are many such open PRs which needs to be closed.

Kindly suggest how to proceed with this.


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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You could use a LSMW to manually check the item closed box on the PR line item. To prevent this from happening in the future and if the process is to disregard any open PR quantities in a situation like yours, the SAP help says this:

o Set this indicator manually

- In change mode for a purchase requisition on the item detail


- When you create a purchase order with reference to a purchase


o Have the system set the indicator when automatically creating

purchase orders from purchase requisitions

You can use the indicator Set reqs to "closed" to specify that the

purchase requisition is considered closed once the associated

purchase order has been created, even if the complete requisition

quantity has not been ordered.

Hope this helps

Answers (2)

Answers (2)

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The 'closed' indicator on a purchase requisition can only be set

manually. This can be done with one of the following methods :

1] In the change requisition transaction ME52N, set the close indicator.

2] In the case you use transaction ME21 or ME21N to create the PO

with reference to purchase requisition the 'closed' flag have to be

set manually. In ME21 before you adopt the item, in ME21N the

indicator to close the PReq in ME21N is in the delivery schedule

tab of the item details at the far right end of the window."


Nadia Orlandi

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You want Close all open PR.Goto ME52N at Item level tab Quantities/Dtaes Tick on Closed,after this it's not possible to create PO with Referance to same PR