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CLOCO and Workflow

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am a Workflow consultant by profession.

I wish to understand CLOCO, reason; I came to know that CLOCO could use Workflow(s).

I did search on the net and found that CLOCO uses component "Flow Definition" which has a look and feel of a WF builder (SWDD).

To summarize my question:

a) I wish to know a brief of CLOCO and whether it can use WF templates created thru SWDD

b) what is the difference in the tasks/task list that is referred to in CLOCO with tasks referred in Workflow

c) Can we develop Workflow templates or WF related tasks in Schedule Manager/CLOCO

One good thing happened is that my interest towards CLOCO has increased, irrespective of whether it has Workflows or not so please reply with best information you have.


Aditya V

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Hi Aditya,

CLOCO refers to Closing cockpit which help us to create a structured interface for executing and managing transactions that form part of complex process. It can be used in:

* Closing Activities

* Where activities recur periodically

It is a step by step process where we need to define:

a) Organizational Structure

b) Template Creation

c) Task Creation

d) Define Dependencies (if any)

e) Task list creation

f) Release task list

We need to create a Task list and need to assign it to Organizational Structure (such Controlling Area/Company Code) and under task list we need to define the tasks or we can say the activities that we need to perform in step by step order. That we can execute with the help of variants or transaction codes, Flow definitions etc.

Also, we can easily monitor what tasks are completed or not and who is the responsible person for that task. Also, we can define dependencies that the one task is dependent on other task. If first is not completed you cannot complete the second task.

It is a very useful tool for closing activities.

You are correct it is possible to define the workflow with the help of flow definition but it will be restricted to the activities which we want to define in Closing cockpit.

I am not sure if the workflow created through workflow builder can be used here.

Hope it helps...if you still require any information. Please confirm.


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Hi AM,

thanks for the info.

Well, why do you say that if Workflow is used, it would restrict the activities which we want to define in Closing Cockpit!!! If you could throw light on this, would be helpful.


Aditya V