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client level, plant level and material level batch

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Can any body tell me wat is the actual meaning of

!) Client level batch,

2) plant level batch,

3) material level batch

with exa. please.


Nilesh Ithape

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Depending on the plant, material and operational levels we can choose the level at which you want the batch number to be unique. The material number is unique at the client level. However, the uniqueness of the batch number can be defined at the following levels -

In combination with the material and plant

In combination with a material number

At the client level

If the Batch level is set to Plant/Material in your system, the following applies:

The batch number can be reassigned for a material with a different specification in each plant.

However, you can transfer a stock from one plant to another between batches with the same number, even though the batches do not necessarily have the same specification. In such cases, the batch quantity transferred assumes the specification of the destination batch.

If you want the batch specification to be unique across all plants, you can only achieve this through organizational measures. The system does not support this. In this case, you are recommended to switch to a higher batch level.

If the Batch level is set to Material in your system, the following applies:

A batch has the same specification for all plants at which a material is stored.

The same batch number can be reassigned with a different specification for each material.

If the Batch level is set to Client in the system:

The same batch number can only be assigned once within the entire client.

It is uniquely assigned to one material number.

Answers (1)

Answers (1)

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Below is the extract from the IMG Documentstion..


Batch numbers can be unique at the following levels:

at plant level

at material level

at client level for a material

If you choose plant level, the batch number is unique in conjunction with the respective material and the plant. If you choose material level, the batch number is unique together with the material. At client level, the batch number is unique in the whole client.

To change the batch level, you have to start a conversion program. This program first checks whether conversion is possible and outputs an error log containing all batch numbers that occur more than once at the new level. Now you need to manually transfer these batch records to batch numbers within Inventory Management using a transfer posting 'material to material'.

If you change the level from plant level to a higher level, it is possible that batches with the same batch numbers in different plants are actually identical. In this case, all you have to do is remove stocks (including previous period stocks) so that all batches with the same batch numbers, except one, can be reorganized.

When you convert from plant level to material level, the material is then to be handled in batches in all plants in which it is defined.


Hope this helps..