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Checking rule

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When I create the sales order with ZOR and select the display item availability screen, I can able to see the stocks and availability check 02 and check rule A.

Availability check 02 is determined from the material master but how the Checking rule A is determined ?

I have checked OVZ9 there are various combinations are available like with Availability Check 02 with checking rule A is for SD order, B SD delivery for, AE SD order; make to order etcu2026

But if I change the item category from TAN to ZTAN in the sales order (ZOR) then the checking rule is determined as AE the reason is I have copied TAN to ZTAN and marked special stock check in item category ZTAN apart from this all controls are like TAN.

I want to know how the Checking rule is determined.

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Hi Babubala,

Availability check is carried out in different transactions like Sales order creation, delivery creation, Purchase order creation, goods issue and also in production order. The point to be noted here is everywhere the availability check is carried out using two basic elements.

1. Checking rule

2. Checking group


Checking Rule

Checking rule is transaction based, i.e. In STD SAP system, if you are creating the sales order, then it is A, if delivery then it is B, if you are creating/releasing production order, then it is PP. This is almost fixed. What is the use of this as a single element it does not have any meaning, but with checking group.

Checking group

Checking group is the one what you assign in material master at plant level, i.e. for different plant and for the same material or for same plant different material there can be a different checking group. This is assigned in material master in MRP3 view, as a signal element it may not have much meaning except that it may be used for checking at which level - group level or individual level and quantities confirmed in the availability check are to be locked or not.

Combination of Checking rule and checking group will define the scope of check

In scope of check you will be defining all control parameters in t-code OVZ9

Checking group you have defined in MMR as 01 and system is checking with checking rule A as it is a sales order you have created

Hence the system takes the said combination

Checking rules are predefined in SAP.

Checking Rule A for Sale Order and B for Delivery is pre defined in SAP and based on the availability check what you maintain in material master, checking rule will react in sale order.

'A' refers to Sales Order and Availability check Rule determined in '01'.


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Thanks for your valuable information