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Check if invoice is comlete

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I create a batch input session in user-exit ZXVVFU01 (function module EXIT_SAPLV60B_001) when saving a invoice. Now I want to create the batch input only when the invoice is ready to release to accounting (because sometimes the invoice has errors and I get a wrong batch input).

We release our invoices to accounting with saving the invoice. So only invoices with errors are not released to accounting.

Is there any way to check the invoice (if it has no errors) in user-exit ZXVVFU01?

Thanks for your answers.

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Answers (2)

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Hi Markus,

You can use table VBRK to find the list of invoices not posted to accounting: VBRK-RFBSK Posting Status. Or you can use VFX3 to check the invoices not released to accounting.

and the same time you could check table VBRK for the field: RFBSK(Status for transfer to accounting).

The different value of this field means like following:

     Error in Accounting Interface

A     Billing document blocked for forwarding to FI

B     Posting document not created (account determ.error)

C     Posting document has been created

D     Billing document is not relevant for accounting

E     Billing Document Canceled

F     Posting document not created (pricing error)

G     Posting document not created (export data missing)

H     Posted via invoice list

I     Posted via invoice list (account determination error)



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Hello Shyam!

What I want is to check the invoice in User-Exit ZXVVFU01 when we create a invoice. In

dependency on status of invoice I want to create the batch input.

for example:

a) create invoice and everything is OK (tax information, ...) => create batch input with saving invoice

b) create invoice and something is missing or wrong => don't create batch input with saving invoice, batch input should be created when the errror is corrected

Best Regards


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Hi Markus,

Not sure about user exit etc.

However, you can see the list in VFX3.