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Check Duplicate PO No. By Sales Document Type with irrespective of customer

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Dear Team,

Requirement: PO No. shouldn't repeat in the particular Sales document type.

Currently :

1. I have set the configuration in VOV8, Check po no.--A

2.and set the warning to error by using T-code OVAH (E)

This setting satisfy only ---PO no. is check's by customer wise in that particular sales document type..(not for other customer)

I mean if i use the same PO No. with other customer in same sales document type it is accepting(it is not giving error message)

so I need here to check PO no. by sales document type irrespective of customer nos.

So please guide me regarding this



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Answers (3)

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Hello SP,

If the requirement has to be met.

Then Validate the PO Number Field in the Sales Order.

Check The PO number Entered with all the Entries in VBAK table

If It exist allow system to give error message.



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Hi SP,

Similar requirement we had to one of our client, we did development only in the SAVE exit.. One thing is In our case , it ll put delivery block if the PO comes in twice from the same customer..

Hope this would be helpful to take decision to your case.

With Regards


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Hello SP,

The system behaviour is correct, let us take an example.

I have a customer and he raises a purchase order and sends us the info.. against which we place a sales order and this PO number provided by customer is added in the sales order and it is used for tracking.. however when hewants to place a new order he will  raise a different PO.. it will hav a different PO number...

Having said that there are chances that two different customers are using the same number range for their purchase order documents and place order with same PO numbers.. in this case system shouldn't ristrict us from creating sales order for both of them, hence system checks based on customer and not based on sales doc type..

as far as my understanding gose you need to go in for custom development to fulfill your requirement.