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Characteristic in MCSI not Updated for Invoice Items

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I've built an info structure, which gets data from invoice items. However, there's a specific characteristic in this structure that only gets updated for the first invoice item.

Could anyone give me a hint of how to investigate this? I've been working in SD for over a decade, but never before in statistics (strange as this may seem...), so I really don't know where to start.

Help will be greatly appreciated.


Nuno Ferreira

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Hi Nuno,

in your material master data under sales org data there is one field as statistic grp. check if there is any differences between your first line and second line.

you can also use mcvv to check the update simulation.

also some description on your info structure would help us in thinking. some snap shots of your info structure design would be helpful

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Dear Nuna:

Have you checked the item category for second item?,  maybe is not updated for statistic.

Check it and revert

Regards Antonio Martinez.