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Chapter VI Investment declarations(IT0585, IT0586) breakup wage types to display on payslip

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Dear experts,

Is it possible to show Chapter-VI Investment declarations(IT0585, IT0586) breakup wage types on payslip? Does SAP has provided any breakup wage types for IT0585 & IT0586, kindly provide your inputs.

Thanks & regards,

Mastan Shaik

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi, There are some output wage types like /3I2 (technical wage types) which are coming out in payroll processing. But the individual fields are stored in the tables PA0585, PA0586 etc. Either you can write some PCR (with TABLEP0585) to get the individual fields into your custom wage type and then you can print those in your payslip. I don't think there are standard wage types which will contain these table fields.

You can also check with PE51_CHECKTAB to check whether you can write some enhancements to read these tables and populate in a custom field.

You can check with the following blogs for adding custom fields in forms:

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