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Changing Trading partner VBUND

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Hi experts, please help me.

I was looking for modifications on the field trading partner VBUND for open line items. But if I understanding right this is not recommended:

It was identified the trading partner (VBUND) wrong and we have several postings with this wrong code. We'll change the trading partner in vendors master data.

-For new document posted the problem will be resolved.

-But the big point is what we should to do with vendor open line items if is not possible change the field VBUND for many circunstancies. Won't be a good reality the data base with two different tranding partner when should be only one. This situation will reflect in the presenting of result reporting every month.

Please give me your opinion.

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Check with ABAP team if they can develop a mass change program to search for all open items with current trading partner (which you want to change) and update new trading partner.

Thanks and Regards,

Shriom Patel

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I think that is not safe change the field VBUND in documents already posted, because we can get inconsistencies in the tables and consolidation can be impacted.

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