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changes of related documents to object PORDER

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Hi all,

if you delete or add a document to a porder (production order, table DRAD_PORDER), you don't get an entry in table CDHDR (changes) for the object PORDER.

There is only an entry for the changes of the document (DRAW).

So if you want to find out the history of related documents of a PORDER,, you have to search over all documents.

So for us it's necessary to create a Change-Header for the object PORDER, too.

There is a note 390635, but it's not working for DRAD_PORDER.

Thx for any hint


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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
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Hello Markus

Please read carefully note 390635:

Use the SAP enhancement PPCO0007 that is processed when you save order changes. You can find the SAP enhancement in Customizing under the menu path "Shop Floor Control or Production Planning for Process Industries -> Process Order -> System Modifications -> Enhancements for Order Maintenance -> Enhancement when Saving an Order (Header Fields)".

Here you can define additional logic to decide whether or not the system creates change documents.


This note provides an example implementation with which only the following changes can be logged.

- The priority in the order header changes

- The planned quantity of the components changes

- The planned batch of the components changes

- New components are added

- A component is deleted

If you want to log other actions, you must enhance the example implementation yourself.

It means that this note only provides a sample code to be used on enhancement PPCO0007 to log the changed listed above. If you need to log additional changes, such as DRAD_PORDER, you need to add your own logic to do that.