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Changed storage location from IM to EWM with stock on it

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I changed a storage location from IM to EWM but forgot to move all my stock from this storage location before doing this.
So my IM stock that was in this IM storage location is now on that same storage location that is now an EWM storage location.

Any suggestions on how to move my stock from this EWM location to another IM location?

Thanks for the advice.

Kind regards.

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If you need to align IM stock to EWM stock, you can use /SCWM/ISU tcode to upload stock in EWM. Be sure to ticked the Do not post data in ERP checkbox. By doing this, you will align IM and EWM stock.

If your IM location was in a WM environment, you can use the standard migration tools (/SCWM/MIG_STOCK) to migrate stock. Once again, Be sure to ticked the Do not post data in ERP checkbox !

If EM & EWM stock are aligned, and you need to clean stock and upload it into another storage location, you have two possibilities :

1- Extract stock in MB52. Consume stock with /SCWM/ADGI using GI process stock correction (be sure to check with FI consultant the financial account used). Then you can upload stock in the new storage location using the migration tools.

2- If process for stor loc transfer are created, you can process inter-stor loc transfert.

I hope i've answered your question.



Hi Aurélien,

Thanks for your answer. I corrected my stock with /SCWM/ERP_STOCKCHECK so IM and EWM are alligned.