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Change System Status in PM order dependend to order Type

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Hello guys,

we have a problem with auto releasing (system status REL) PM orders. It works totally fine with one order type but with the other one not.

Both order types have the setting in SPRO "release immediately"! Now on the SAP help page its written that several points are going to be checked by the system before the REL status can be set:

  • Availability check of components
  • Authorization
  • Billing rule
  • consistency check of user Status
  • Userexits

--> There are no components in the example

--> I checked with the same user so authorization should not be a thing (same for billing rule and user status?)

--> I tried to change the system status in user exit ZXWOCU07 via ABAP. But that change will later somehow be overwritten again.


Any ideas?

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What is the issue you are facing with one order type ? Share the screenshot of the error and give your explanation clearly.



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Hello @MTerence, with one order type the order will be released automatically, the other one is not. There is no error. I want the order (with both order types) to be automatically in REL status after creating it.