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Change Pointer - Material Master

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We have a requirement to send MM IDocs the moment there is a change in Material Master i.e., real time. When there is any change in MM, it creates change pointers. We have a batch job to run the change pointer program RBDMIDOC every 15 minutes, which clubs all change pointers created since then and creates one IDoc. Is there any way to create one IDoc for each change pointer in the BDCP2 table.


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Hi Paromita,

I think you are using message type MATMAS.

If you check the source code of program RBDMIDOC, you will see it calls RBDMIDOX and within

RBDMIDOX there is the following:


* the following is a list of message types that supports block reading

* and processing of change pointers (currently only MATMAS)

  IF tbdme-refmestyp = 'MATMAS'.

    flag_read_blocks = 'X'.


    flag_read_blocks = space.



So we can see the processing of message type MATMAS is in block and the block size is 50000.

CONSTANTS: c_block_size LIKE sy-tabix VALUE 50000.

So if you would like to change this behavior, you can change the source code of  RBDMIDOX by either change the block size value, or remove the part of check listed above.

But keep in mind this change may lead to memory issues.

I hope above helps.