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Change of document type in transaction F-53 Dynamically

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Hi All,

I have created a BDC program for transaction F-53. I am able to post a payment document successfully. My Client requirement is that they based on certain condition document type should changed from KZ(Vendor Payment) to ZS(Payment by check). Is it possible to change this document type dynamically after calling the BDC program. By passing KZ or ZS in some global variable??

I have already check the transaction OBU1, but if I will change the document type for F-53 in that table it will always post the document with ZS.

Thanks and best regards,

Niteesh Rai

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You can pass the document type dynamically, I dont see any issues in this as long there is any difference in recording for both the types.

You can add a condition and assign appropriate value to document type variable.

IF <condition1>

gv_doc = 'KZ'


gv_doc = 'ZS'.


Pass this to the BDC table.