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change in schema

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Hi all

I want to know that when do we need to maintain or change in schema.


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Answers (4)

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Schema is set of rules and operations and also consists of idffrent subschmeas

when u want to change rule or operation then there would be necessary

of change in standard schema nothing but modfing according requirements


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hai nikki,

it ia not recommended to change the standard schema,

it is always advisable to copy the standard schema and then you can perform the modifications required.


Chiran Reddy.

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As said by SIkindar it is based on your clients requirement.

SAP has some standard settings which they have already put in Schemas and PCRs.

When your client needs something different from the standard SAP settings then you make the necessary settings in Schemas and PCRs.

Hope this helps.


Sairam Maharaj S

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what type of settings or changes are they?

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to know the settings first u should know

how the existed pcr and schemas are giving the results

if the schema and pce is not giving the result as u require then go for change or creation

these are the settings

all the best


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The changes can be anything. I think the simplest example would be disabling a subschema/pcr.

Go to TCODE PE01, select U000 (Assuming you are working for US Client). Click Change.

Now, you should be reading the schema as Rows-Columns. Lets say your client do not want to process Travel expense then the row indicating the call for UREI can be disabled by an asterisk mark * in column D.

By doing so, you are disabling the processing of Travel Expense schema in Payroll Processing. Schema is the heart of Payroll, so I would recommend you to play with it only under a Sr. Consultant or Trainer's Supervision.



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Schemas are chnged and maintained when there is requirement from the client

do want anything else