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Change from Mvt 101o to 101 when doing GR in MIGO

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Hi Experts,

I have created a scheduling agreement and specified a SC delivery adderss since the materials in 90% of the cases is going to a subcontractor directly.

In 10 % of the cases the goods are receipt into my own plant and hence I would like to specify this on GR. Meaning chaning from mvt 101o to 101 ane hereby be able to specify the destination storage location.

The special stock indicator GOITEM-SOBKZ is only displayed in migo, but cannot be chaged. Please advise how to solve this issue.

Are there any other work-arounds than to do GR at the vendor stock and the a material transfer to own stock?

Thanks in advance,


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If maintain item caterory as sub contact in schedule agreement , then system will MIGO not allow to change the movement type at MIGO