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CGI XML File USTRD tag repeated

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Hello FI Friends,

We are creating payment files in XML format following the CGI standard. A requirement we have is that the content of the SGTXT field on the vendor invoice posting in SAP must be transferred to the RmtInf/Ustrd tag on the generated CGI file.

We will create 1 payment document per invoice in F110. The SGTXT field of the invoice will normally contain 40+ characters. The bank requires that each USTRD field can be maximum 32 characters only. When SGTXT contains more than 32 characters, the bank requires that there must be repeating USTRD tags under RmtInf, each with maximum length of 32. Therefore, in case with invoice which has 42 characters in SGTXT field, there must be 2 USTRD tags under RmtInf with the first 32 characters in the first USTRD tag, and the remaining 10 characters in the 2nd USTRD tag.

We can only get the payment file to create 1 USTRD tag currently. We can get 40+ characters filled into this single USTRD tag. However, we need multiple USTRD tags with max 32 chars per tag.

Can you advise how we can achieve this please?

Thank you for any helpful ideas.

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