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CFL UDO makes form navigate

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Hi all,

I've created a form with a UDO, but this form contains a field which is supposed to hold the 'parent' record that generated the current one. I created a CFL with the same UDO and linked it to the field. Every time I select some record from the CFL the form navigates to that record (and does not place the selected value in the field as intended). I do not know if this is the correct behavior since I thought there could be 2 or more independent references to the same UDO in the same form.

Is there any way to place two independent references to the same UDO in the same form?


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If you link you form to the uDO object to navigate by automatically not. You can apply here father-child relation udos.

If you build a form and program all functions like navigate, search, data load and data save: Yes.