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Central Person merge - where to find date merge created?

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Hi All,

I want to find all employees that have been merged in the last month. Does anyone know where I can see the date on which 2 employees were actually merged?

I have tried looking at HRP1001 for the relationship to Central Person to see the changed date, but this is not there, it is also not reflected in PA0709 or PA0031, i.e. there is of course a "changed on" date but this date is not within the last month and is not the date on which the merge took place. I know this because I have been provided with a few examples of employees that have been merged in the last month, and I have been through all these tables looking for a changed date in the last month, but I cannot find anything.

If I can at least find the table or field which reflects when the sample employees were merged, then I can find the rest of the employees also.

All help greatly appreciated.

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