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CAT2 Custom field enhanment and passing data to custom field

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Hello Team,

I am facing issues , I try to pass value to custom field on cat2 screen but it is not populating on CAT2 screen . Could you please provide logic on it .

I followed below process :

I added Wage type text field to CAT2 by using Exit_SAPLCATS_005 under the include CI_CATSDB and configure using CAC2 (Data enter section) and CAC5 and add Logic EXIT_SAPLCATS_009 on this exit but I don't know what to pass the exporting parameter here DISPTEXT1_EXP and DISPTEXT2_EXP , I assumed and passing Wage type text value to exporting parameters. I kept break points all other user exits like CATS0005 , CATS0002 but When I enter Wage type and click on enter not stopping any other user exit other then CATS0009 . my requirement is when I enter Wage type and enter automatically populate Wage type text (Custom field) . I need logic what to pass to user exit CATS0009 or any other user exits . I checked all other SCN posts every post saying use CATS0005 to add screen and CATS0009 to pass values but I how to pass values are the issue to me . Kindly provide logic or am I missing any thing .

Please provide some inputs or logic how to display custom (Wage type text ) field at CATS_DA and custom (Wage type text)field CATS_APPR_LITE approval .

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