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Captalization of Asset

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Hi Team, 

My client is asking for below mentioned two requirements and I need your inputs / suggestions on this:

1) AUC: Choosing the correct Line based on FIFO - If a GRN is posted (line 1) and reversed (line 2), the Capitalization should happen for the correct GR posted (line 3)and not for line 1 or 2. line 1 and 2 should not be visible when executing the settlement of AuC. While clearing also the logic should be to clear the first entry (line 1) with immediately reversed entry (line 2) and not with correct GRN posted - not to clear line 3 with line 2, leaving the wrong GRN open for settlement. This process to be followed only for Modification  and Infrastructure  Project types.

2) Partial capitalization for single GRN from AUC  - For example GRN is for 2 Quantity but the capitalization is only for 1 Quantity ( As of now client is following  manual calculation and doing the AUC settlement). My client is asking, is there any possiblity doing captalization only for 1 quantity if GRN is for 2 Quantity insteady doing by Manually.

Please advice on those two points...



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Hi Suresh

1. AUC manages line items.. So, if you POST > REVERSE > REPOST, from a technical point of view, system will have 3 items to settle.. You cant change the behaviour

You might remember that when you set up AUC Asset CLass, you tick the LINE ITEM radio button in it.. This behaviour is because of that

2. For this issue, cant you maintain a % in your settlement rule??

Br, Ajay M