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capitalization date must be earlier than or same as transfer date AS91

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Hi Gurus

Capitalization date must be earlier than or same as transfer date Message no AA184

Iam plannig to upload the assets masters from the legacy system where if i give the capitalization date later 31Dec2007 it is showing the error the above given, if i give the 31dec2007 it was accepting

what is the transfer date.

Is there any customizatin change to give our own capitalization date while uploading the assets in AS91

if there is any document regarding the error messege noAA184.

Warm regards


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Answers (3)

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hi ram

this is an issue which arises when you run afab and after running the depreciation for the whole year some error occurs in the year end closing activity when performing AJAB , AJRW and OAAQ.

how ever Go to this menu and change the transfer date.I am sure it is still old transfer date.Possibly last legacy transfer date.

SPRO>FI>AA>Asset Data Transfer>Parameters for Data Transfer>Date Spec>Specify transfer date

this should resolve your issue

kind regards


sap fico

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What is ur go live date and financial year?

there are 2 scenarios:

1) If the go live date is at the begining of the fiscal year, then you can have the previous year last date as transfer date. For example, if you r going live on 1st april and your financial year is April to march, then the transfer date is 31st march,

2) If the go live date is in the mid of the fiscal year for example say December 1st, and your FY is april to march, then the transfer date is 30th November.

In case of 1st scenario, there shall be only one upload data for legacy asset. And use transaction AS91 for this. You should upload Acquisition calue and accumulated depreciation.

In case of 2nd scenario, you need to upload 2 asset legacy data (both using transaction AS91 only)

First data should be for assets acquired on or before 31st march. The data to be uoloaded is same as above but in addition you should also upload depreciation from 1st april to the date of golive in field "Ordinary Dpreciation".

And for assets procured feom 1st april to the date of go live, you should use the tab "transactions"

and you should fill 3 fields

a) Asset value date

b) Transaction type (For example 100 for acquisition)

c) Amount

I think the above will solve ur doubt. If you need any more inputs, reply back.



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If you have set the asset transfer date as 31st Dec 2007, then while uploading through AS91, asset capitalisation date must be earlier or same as the asset transfer date ( set in customisation) for the assets acquired on or before 31st Dec 2007.

And for assets acquired after 31st december 2007, you have to post through F-90.