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Cancelled freight order attached to a location in TM



I have to delete a location created in TM, but when I try to do it with the program /SAPAPO/DELETE_LOCATIONS, it does not work (it says that the location was deleted, but it doesn't). I saw that it's because there are linked objects to this location, so using the transaction WUF (Where Used Framework), I checked all the linked objects; I cancelled all the freight units, and they are not more in the WUF. However, there is a freight order that I cancelled (the life cycle status is now "cancelled", so I cannot modify it anymore, but this freight order is still attached to the location, so I am not able to delete it.

I also tried to delete the arrival location of the FO in the table /SCMTMS/D_TORSTP, but it is still attached to the location in the WUF.

Any ideas?

Thanks you!

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