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Canada jurisdiction tax: JRC1 using jurisdiction code CA00 in search for tax rate

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Hi all, in general I have got the base jurisdiction tax working for Canada. However, when we started completing the setup for the various tax (HST, PST, etc) we found a problem in that the system could not find the tax rate from FTXP (for tax code CJ and jurisdiction code CAON). When I did an analysis in the pricing screen, I found the following:

1. System determines the correct tax code CJ from condition records created for CTXJ.

2. System determines the correct jurisdiction code CAON from the ship to as I can see it listed for condition type JRC2.

3. However, there is no tax rate for determined for JRC1. The analysis showed Country CA, Tax Code CJ and Jurisdiction Code CA00.

My question is, why does the system try to use CA00? Shouldn't it be using the specific jurisdiction code CAON? This is what is set up via code FV11 and is shown in FTXP. I feel that I am missing a link? Appreciate someone can shed some light here.



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Hi, you probably found your answer, but I am posting in case anyone else searches and picks up this thread, as we just spent quite some time looking for this solution. We found that OSS note 1665734 has some logic where CA00 overrides the province level jurisdiction codes in some cases (in Warranty). We have changed this logic to use the province jurisdiction code.