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Can we read the archived data created in 4.7 and copied into ECC6.0

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Hi There,

We have archived materials data from SAP47 and wanted to copy the archived file into ECC 6.0 and read it in ECC 6.0.

q1) Can we copy the 4.7 archived file into ECC 6.0 ?

q2) If we can copy it, can we read the file in ECC 6.0. ?

Pls help.. Any answers is appreciated.

thank you.


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Hi Ranjit,

My answers are as follows.

q1) YES. One can copy of 4.7 archive file into ECC 6.0. The ADK framework within SAP takes care of the backward compatibility. ADK writes some meta data in the archive files along with the actual data. This meta data ensures that your archive data is readable when you upgrade to new releases, change OS for SAP, hardware changes etc...

q2) YES. It is possible provided the SID & Client number of both systems is same.

If the SID of 4.7 is S47 and client from which you archived is 150, then the SID of ECC 6.00 had to be S47 and the client 150 shud be used to read the archive data. Further all the archive administration and customization data of 4.7 client 150 must be copied to ECC 6.0 client 150.

Hope this helps