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Can we re block the credit status of Sales order released by VKM3 after 48 hours

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Hi All,

Thanks in advance.

I have a requirement to re block the sales order after 48 hours. After customer credit check the sales order credit status was in block ,later it has been released using VKM3. Business want this release will be only valid for only 48 hours. After 48 hours the credit status will be again block from release. I have tried with OVA8 ,unable to find the solution . Do we need any Enhancement for this .

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Answers (2)

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I have tried with OVA8 ,unable to find the solution

It would have been ideal had you explained what changes you made in OVA8 by sharing the screen shot. Also, on OVA8, there are lots of discussions in SCN and all you have to do is search in Google. Still if you are not able to solve, post with additional informations of what you tried so that it will be easy for the members to share their inputs.

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What if the reason for blocking is not-existent in 48 hours?

Imagine the following: there was an overdue item for a customer yesterday, as a result the new order is blocked. The credit representative calls the customer, who promised to send payment first thing in the morning. The credit controller releases the order. The customer sends payment as promised and clearing is performed. From business perspective all you need is an order recheck, which would set the credit status from D to A. Blocking the order will be counter-productive.

All I am trying to say is that maybe you need to discuss various scenarios with the business before you decide on a specific approach or even agree on the requirement scope.

Back to your question - you are right, what the business users ask, is not configurable in standard, which makes it even more important to agree on what really needs to be done. There is a field for released orders are still unchecked in days in OVA8, but there are prerequisites, which make it unsuitable for this change request.