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Can I get Sum of one UDF which is at line level of Sales Order

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Hi to All Gurus / Experts,

I had added one udf named U_SpPriceMT (Units and Total) Amount, i need its sum at Header level udf without using SDK. Can i use Formatted Search..? How ?

Please guide me to resolve this problem..


Chintesh Soni

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Hai Chintesh,

Yes you can use formatted search to do it

example you have 3 UDF in Purchase Order Form

U_1 , U_2 and U_3

in U_3 u must defined formatted search using this code



declare @f as nvarchar(10)

declare @e as nvarchar(10)

select @f = $[$142.U_1] ' $[$<NoForm>,<NoItem>]

select @e = $[$142.U_2]

select cast(@f as decimal(10,2)) * cast(@e as decimal(10,2))



and after defined this code, u can enable the checkbox Auto refresh when fields change to get the event

Reward Point if this help You


Arthur Siwan

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Dear Arthur Siwan,

I got your point.

But my requirement for SALES ORDER

I have got two UDF

one U_1 at Title level i.e. in ORDR

second U_2 at Row level i.e. in RDR1

now at the time of SO entry I have seleced 5 different Items. All items have Prices from PriceList1. I have got prices of that selected items in U_1 through Formatted search.

Now I would like to have sum of that U_1 in U_2 without using SDK.

Thanks dear for replying.. Awaiting more tips and solution on this from your side.

Thanks again.

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Hi Chintesh,

If you want to do this calculation before the Sales Order is added to the database then it is not possible using formatted searches (because you can't sum line values into a header field) - only SDK will help you here.

If you are talking about calculating the value after the SO is added then it's just a matter of summing RDR1.U_MyLineUdf etc.

Hope that helps.



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Hai Chintesh,

sorry I'm kind of busy with my add ons, so I didn't tried with SALES ORDER

but for information this below is code for title level

[code]select @f = $[$142.U_1] ' $[$<NoForm>,<NoItem>] [/code]

and this below code for row level

[code]select @f = $[$<NoMatrix>,<NoColumn>,0] [/code]

you can combine both of these code to your formated search in SALES ORDER FORM

Hope this will help you


Arthur Siwan