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Can 2 cost center group share same cost center?

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Dear Experts,

Can 2 cost center group share the same cost center?

Basically I'm looking at MATRIX structure where one cost center, say an Equipment shared by 2 different cost center groups (say one in "Location-A" cost center group, and the other one is in "Process-A" cost center group). This is to enable the management to be able to see the costs incurred in either by "Location" cost center group or "Process" cost center group.

The "Location-A" cost center group may tied to Cost center 101, Cost Center 102 and Cost Center 103. The "Process-A" cost center group may only tied to Cost Center 101, and other cost center 201 (which is also tied to other "Location-B" cost center group).

Please advise.



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Hi Abraham,

its not possible to assign a cost center to several cost center groups in the standard hierarchy. Otherwise, the standard hierarchy would be inconsistent.

As stated in the online documentation under

'You can assign each cost center to only one group in the standard hierarchy, but to as many alternative groups as you require.!