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Calculated MIC from the results of MICs from different operations

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Hi ,

I have requirement in which Operation 0010 have one MIC "A" and operation 0020 have MIC "B" and the third operation have an calculated MIC "C" which is caluclated by value of MIC A - MIC B.

How to map this in standard SAP.

I know this can be mapped by creating a Z fucntional module whic fethes the data from QAMR table and puts the value for MIC C.But is there any way of mapping this in STD SAP.

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Answers (2)

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Hi Girish,

It is possible in SAP with in the operation.

Active tick mark in MIC C as Cal formula required under MIC control indicator (QS23).

Then assign in the MIC C in inspection plan, and map the formula in the inspection plan it self under MIC C = MIC A - MIC B.


Inspection Plan

0010 MIC A

0020 MIC B

0030 MIC C -

in quanti data tab C00010 - C00020

The C0 is having the functional module to calculate the formula.



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i tried to map your requirement. But in Std SAP , there is no scope to fullfil it.