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ByDesign : how to use one warranty for multiple product categories

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We have multiple product categories which has similar warranty type (such as one year warranty for almost 35 product categories)

Now when we create one year warranty, how can we use this for multiple product categories?

Regards, Vishal Kambare

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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HI Vishal,

Warranties are connected to Material not with the product categories.

You can assign a Single Warranty to Multiple Products.

So, add the related Warranty to all Materials as shown below. Whenever you will do the Outbound Delivery, Warranty will automatically get assigned to the Registered Products.

Thanks & Regards,
Anant Patel
SME, SAP Business ByDesign
Phone: +91-9716100326
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Answers (2)

Answers (2)

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We want to check the Warranty ID of all material masters, please suggest the way to export the existing Warranty ID assigned on the serialized product .

Regards, Rajeev Gupta

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Hi Vishal,

The warranties are generally related to registered products, rather than the product categories. If my understanding is correct, you would like to assign a warranty to all the registered products from a specific product category, is that correct?

If this is the case, currently I was not able to find a way to massively make this definition, as the Migration of Registered Products do not support update or enhance, and the object is not available in the Mass Data Maintenance tool. Also, I checked the possibility to execute this update using web services, but the operations with registered products are not available.

Once checking for related enhancement requests in our Influence Portal, I found one request that would solve this scenario.

The link to the request is the following:

Considering this, we would suggest that you upvote this idea, so our development team may consider this feature for future releases of the system.

Kind Regards,

Leonardo Felini

Support Consultant, SAP Product Support

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Hi Leo,

I am not going to set warranties for registered products (as you tried explaining)

Scenario I am expecting for upcoming deliveries are as below.

Warranty Master

1. One Year Warranty (This warranty master will cover 10K products we have)

2. Five Year Warranty (This warranty master will cover 3K products we have)

3. Six Month Warranty

Here when i create warranty, we need to specify product category & warranty is applied to products when delivered to customers.


I have to create same warranty for multiple product categories?

Regards, Vishal Kambare