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[Bydesign]Can we adjust Tax net base amount in customs duty invoice?

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Dear Experts,

Customer is facing an issue as in the customs duty invoice on Bydesign, Import VAT Debit Item in Basic data - we can only key in VAT amount (let's say 18,260) which would automatically calculate the Tax net base amount as 182,600 based on the formula - VAT amount multiplied by 10%.

However, in normal Korean Business cases, there are many scenarios where Tax net base amount is not exactly matching as per the formula due to the rounding off. In other words, as explained above example - the Tax net base amount should be changed as 182,610 instead.

So I am wondering whether we have an option to change this Tax net base amount on the customs duty invoice itself.

I tried from my side but it seems that system does not allow the difference to post.

Any workaround we can think of please as there are so many cases in Korea.

And in order to report VAT, this must be adjusted.

Thank you so much for the reply.

Best regards,

Yohan Oh

Dear yoha,

Right now I am unsure whether your question is for SAP Business ByDesign (as in the subject headline) or for SAP Customer Checkout (as in the tags you added). If it is for ByDesign please update the tags accordingly.

Could you please add a couple of screenshots to depict your question?

Best regards,


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Dear Yohan,

In current ByDesign, in custom duty invoice, the tax base amount is automatically calculated and the logic could not be changed.

However, from your description I feel it's a South Korea country specific request. Is it a legal request? If yes, I would suggest you to report an incident to SAP, and provide us the legal documents. Our development team will check the document and discuss the function accordingly.

If it's not a legal request, I would suggest you to turn to our Forum for new requirement proposals:

This is a place for you to submit any new requirement and also vote for other customers / partners requirements. Our product management team is monitoring all the requirements here and investigating if it's possible to deploy the new requirement in the future release.

Best Regards,