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Business Partner syncrinization with T&RM

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Hello mentors

We are syncronizing Customer to BP converting from ECC to S4hana

The synchronization process is sending errors related to the CVI_CUST_LINK table (there is no record in the table for the client), however, in the system the BP with number 42 is related to customer 6.


The error returned by transaction MDS_LOAD_COCKPIT is:


Implemented note 2373665 - Missing link in the CVI table for the same number objects, however the issue was not resolved. Validating the code indicated by the note, it is found that for the solution to work, the scenario must consider the following characteristics:

1. The business partner and the customer/vendor must have the same number assigned.

2. The business partner and the customer/vendor must have the same account group.

Under this premise, the data of the clients that you want to synchronize does not comply, so the synchronization process should not consider it, however, it is indicating them as an error.

Note: The current system has the T&RM (tax and revenue management) vertical implemented, so it is necessary for customers and vendors to integrate into the existing BP's (and that have been assigned the MKK – Taxpayer role), therefore it is normal that do not necessarily share the same number (customer-seller-BP) or the account group. Does the standard Customer – BP – vendors synchronization consider the scenario of pre-existing BPs as taxpayers to the public sector solution?

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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
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Hello Gabriel,

in this case I don't know a standard solution. What you can do is:

- create your own enhancement implementation for BAdI CVI_CUSTOM_MAPPER (Methods IF_EX_CVI_CUSTOM_MAPPER~MAP_CUSTOMER_TO_BP and/or IF_EX_CVI_CUSTOM_MAPPER~MAP_VENDOR_TO_BP)

- determine existing BP (BUT000-PARTNER_GUID) based on given customer/vendor data

- link customer/vendor to existing BP

ls_cust_link-partner_guid =    lv_guid. "Already existing BP (Supplier)
ls_cust_link-customer = i_customer-header-object_instance-kunnr.
APPEND ls_cust_link TO lt_cust_link.
lr_ref_ka = cvi_ka_bp_customer=>get_instance( ).

it_cust_link = lt_cust_link ).

Using this example coding will link your customer/vendor to an existing BP

Important: Please take care of the data which has to be synchronized. Very often address, bank, tax numbers are different at BP and customer/vendor. How to handle this you can have a look at standard implementation CVI_MAP_LEGAL_ENTITY. This is used to merge customer and vendor to the same BP but the issue with shared data like address, bank, tax number is similar.

I hope that helps.

Best Regards