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BSI license for partner demo system?

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Hello community; I am writing on behalf of my company, an SAP partner, which provides software for SAP HCM -- i.e. we have products for reporting, cloning, document generation. A couple years ago BSI notified us that our type of 'demo' license was no longer being issued and that we would need to stop using BSI TF in our internal testing and demo systems. To get around this we have commented out the call to BSI in our payroll schema and have custom code creating the necessary technical WT's (/4, /7...) - but only at a very primal level and so of course the calculations are not very accurate. We really would like to re-establish using BSI but have not had any success in doing so. It would appear that BSI just does not issue licenses for our scenario, and our contacts at SAP have no alternatives to suggest. If there are any other SAP partners in a similar situation, we would like to know how you are handling this scenario. Thank you.

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