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Brazil nota fiscal inbound vs outbound

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Hi NF-e experts,

I am looking for experience feedback on how to organize support for nota fiscal.

My CIO (based in the USA) has this "great" idea that since both inbound and outbound invoices are named "nota fiscal", it should be the same group of people who support (bug fixing, enhancements) both inbound invoices and outbound invoices.

My understanding is that inbound invoices are usually supported by people who have a MM-PUR background, while outbound invoices are supported by people with more of a SD/OTC background. I am not saying that people with both skillsets do not exist, but as far as I know they tend to be the exception more than the norm.

Do you have experience of a single team supporting both inbound and outbound invoices, or is the standard way of doing things splitting the responsbility? Thanks for your feedback!

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It's theoretically possible to have the same team supporting both but it's very unlikely to have the same person working on both topics, as it requires expertise in completely different processes and BR has very specialized localization for SD and MM.

Most of the cases the implementation/support lies on a team but this team has different experts in SD/OTC and MM/P2P to support the scenarios of both solutions.

The outbound eInvoice (NF-e) for Brazil is a topic that involves SD/OTC (all sales processes) and MM/Logistics/Fiscal to a certain extent, mainly due to vendor returns, stock transport orders, Import NF-e and manual fiscal processes with NF-e.

On the other side Inbound eInvoice (Incoming NF-e automation) is completely connected to MM-PUR/LIV and Logistics as the process here is to post MIGO/MIRO automatically from the XML.


Renan Correa