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BOQ Upload VA21 Qutotaion for Easy Cost Plannig

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I am facing one Problem while I am Uploading my BOQ from Excel to Quotation VA21. when I am uploading my all things are coming fine but there is issue in Quantity if there is only one Quantity for the Item then Easy cost Planning is working Properly and Calculating appropriately. But if the Quantity is more than one then it start to divide the Easy cost Planning and result becomes wrong. for Example if I am having Digging job on Line 10 and quantity is 1 only than my easy cost planning for this job is 1000 USD is coming perfect against one Quantity. IF same line 10 job Digging is having Quantity 20 than after making same Easy Cost Planning 1000 USD it divides 1000/20=50 USD for my line 10. Kindly advise me how to resolve this issue because of this we can not work on any thing in PS Module because this Quotation will work as a base for us to create Projects. as we all know that BOQ upload have many Lines and Quantities and it can not be Done manually it sholud be done through Upload. above raised scenario is working properly if I am doing it manually without running upload Program.

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I dont think this is related to SD part as in SD, there is no such control as you mentioned. Did you discuss with your FI-CO consultants?

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hi tahir if you have done this kindly share the document having same requirement

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