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whatdoes phantom item indicate in item category in bom of material please reply


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Hi sadanand ,

phantom assembly is a logical grouping of materials.

its same as we create BOM for subassembly, and you either make it phantom on material level, by assigning special procrument type 50 in MRP view, or you can change it on BOM level in the component details screen.

when ever you put some phantom material in BOM, the materials attached to lower level of phantom whould be copied to production order of header.

you can switch on/off the phantom indicator in component details screen of BOM.

in discreat scnerion we dont use item category Phantom "M" in BOM.

its relevant for master recepies.

Hope this will help you.



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Phantom , the name it self specify tht it will not available,

like if there is a material a and b , if you mix them you ll get the material c then if you mix this c material with d you get finaly e material.

so if you need to make bom for e, you can enter a, b and d as bom component .

so here c is a phantom material.

mostly c is amaterial which is non storable and not valuated material.

hope this will help you.

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Dear Sadanand,

Phantom Assembly:

A logical grouping of materials.

A phantom assembly is created in engineering to describe a number of components and manage them

as a whole. The components in a phantom assembly are immediately placed in the superior assembly.

Components in an assembly are first assembled to produce the header material. Then header material

is placed in the superior assembly.


The phantom assembly "set of wheels" contains the components "front wheel" and "rear wheel." The front and rear wheels are immediately placed in the "bicycle" assembly. The "light" assembly contains the materials "bulb" and "reflector." The light components are first assembled and then the light is attached to the bicycle.

Settings to be done:

For configurations settings goto OPPQ for maintaining the values of special.key

Special procurement key value 50 must be set in the MRP2 view of the material master.

For the materials for which sp.procurement value 50 is set the system creates the planned orders and

purchase requisitions for the components of the phantom assembly.



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Refer the link given,

Hope this helps you.