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BOM issue

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I have created 2 boms altnative1 and 2 for ..finished product....both are acteive

i have create Subcontract P.O for Finished product ... in P.O cilk master data and explode BOM... but her system... always taken compontes bydefault from alternative 1...BOM....

some time i want to use altrnative 2... frquently changed ..BOM ..

so alest system should display both alternative when click the BOM explode... but in my case system does not ask .. directly taken altnative 1 bom

so here always remove the components... and reentered...components.. whichare mention in altna 2 bom...

can any one body help me in this issue..



Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Please refer this link,



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Answers (1)

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Dear Sesidhar,

Check this,

Subcontracting with Production Version


If an assembly is produced by different subcontractors or produced in-house with different BOMs, the

system is to take this into account during the BOM explosion in the planning run.


You have entered the special procurement key Subcontracting in the material master (MRP 2 view) of the assembly.

You have created a production version in the material master (MRP 4 view) of the assembly, in which you have entered the alternative BOM relevant to the subcontractor/vendor.

You have entered this production version in the purchasing info record for the subcontractor.

You have entered the subcontractor in the source list or in the quota arrangement for this assembly. If you do not use quota arrangements, you have to set the Record relevant to MRP indicator in the MRP column of the source list.

You have set the Scheduling info record/agreement indicator in Customizing for MRP in the IMG activity Define external procurement.


You can find the transactions for maintaining info records and the source list in the Purchasing menu, under Master data.


Material requirements planning adopts the production version from the subcontractoru2019s purchasing info record and explodes the corresponding alternative BOM that is defined in the production version. This also applies to planned orders and purchase requisitions.

The production version from the subcontractor purchasing record has a higher priority than the production version from the quota arrangement.

In Purchasing, when assigning the source of supply, the production version is copied from the subcontractor info record into the purchase requisition or purchase order and is used for selection in the BOM.

Production versions that you have entered in the quota arrangement are taken into account in MRP and Purchasing.

Refer this link,